Ontario Christian’s Educational Options

Philosophy & Benefits of the Educational Options Program

At Ontario Christian, we believe that parents play the primary role in the discipleship and training of their children. As we partner with parents in their role, we want to provide options that incorporate the utilization of our Educational Options program in a full-time or part-time setting. These settings include the following:

  1. Families can choose to educate their students full-time at home with the encouragement and support of our Educational Options staff as needed. OC collects required paperwork and maintains a cumulative file for each student to ensure educational and legal standards are being met. Homeschooling is not WASC accredited. For more info please go to edop.ocschools.org
  2. Monthly field trips are offered as well as on campus activities such as chapels, Green and Gold Day and participation in graduation.
  3. Standardized MAP testing is offered on campus for 1st through 8th grade in the fall and spring.
  4. Classical Education Hybrid class options meet 1-2 days a week to enhance the learning of Educational Options students and can be used for meeting course requirements in history, Bible, science, language arts, art, music and even Latin! Includes IEW writing instruction for 3rd-8th grade. Not WASC accredited. For more information please go to edop.ocschools.org
  5. All students in 1st through 12th grades have the option of attending classes on campus part time. This option allows our middle school and high school students to participate in sports, band, choir, art, and other programs offered on campus.
  6. OC Online is another option for our Educational Options students in 3rd through 12th grades. These courses can be started at any time throughout the year. (It is suggested that the elementary and middles school students follow the traditional school calendar for best results.) Students can log in anywhere as long as there is internet connection.
  7. Fab Fridays: Elementary enrichment classes which include cooperative learning games, STEM activities, living history projects, explorations in art, and theater arts. Students also attend chapel. For more information, please go to edop.ocschools.org

Enrollment Requirements

Families enrolling in Educational Options must meet the regular admissions requirements of Ontario Christian Schools. This includes the following requirements:

  1. At least one parent/guardian must have a clear testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, is a member or regularly worshipping in a local Christian church and is not participating in practices that would be considered illegal, or considered by the school as immoral or inconsistent with a positive Christian lifestyle such as cohabitating without marriage or in a homosexual relationship.

  2. The student must meet Ontario Christian School age and other requirements.

  3. The education must be consistent with the philosophy and academic rigor of Ontario Christian School.

  4. Students are required to take an aptitude test to assess their academic level and use as a baseline for future reference.

  5. The student must succeed in behavior and citizenship.

  6. Parents, and students in grades seven and up, must sign the Parent/student Cooperation form.

  7. Parent(s)/guardians(s) must complete and sign the Family Application form and the Contract that includes financial commitment.

Privileges & Conditions

All Educational Options students have the following privileges and conditions.

A. Privileges and Conditions
  1. Students receive umbrella coverage as part of the Ontario Christian Schools through Educational Options.

  2. Students are eligible to receive a student ID card, attend athletic events and other events at the student rate, and have a student picture included in the school yearbook.

  3. All EO students are invited to attend school chapel and assemblies.

  4. All EO students may participate in after school clubs and programs, such as Chess Club, Kiwanis Key Club, International club, and Mock Trial. EO students may participate in Ontario Christian School service projects.

  5. EO students may participate in most school social events, although limitations may apply for some events, such as enrollment in at least one on-campus course.

  6. EO families may make arrangements to use the school library and the high school career center.

  7. Students taking one to four on-campus classes may participate in all of the activities associated with that course, including field trips and presentations.

  8. Student taking on-campus classes are eligible to ride the Ontario Christian bus to or from school.

  9. At the high school level, the Educational Options Director will help the family develop a four-year plan that leads toward completing graduation requirements.

  10. Those completing all requirements for graduation are invited to participate in graduation ceremonies, however, any courses taken other than on-campus, online, or at a community college will allow the student to earn an Ontario Christian Educational Options diploma as home-schooled courses are NOT WASC accredited.

B. Qualifications and Restrictions
  1. Students are not eligible to qualify for class rank, valedictorian, salutatorian, or school scholarships.

  2. EO students who take fewer than two classes on campus are not eligible for California Scholarship Federation membership, participation in athletics, participation in athletics and drama productions, or serve on the Associated Student Body.

EO students who take two to four courses on campus:

Privileges and Conditions in addition to those listed above.
  1. Students may participate in middle and high school extracurricular activities including athletics and Associated Student Body (ASB). Drama at the middle school level is a course; participation in drama productions as an extracurricular activity is available at the high school level.

  2. Students will have a picture included in school annual and will receive a yearbook if this is in accord with the practice with full-time students.

  3. Students taking one to four on-campus classes may participate in all of the activities associated with that course, including field trips and presentations.

  4. Families may apply for tuition assistance.

B. Qualifications and Restrictions:
  1. Students are not eligible to qualify for class rank, valedictorian, salutatorian, or school scholarships.

  2. At the high school level, California Scholarship Federation membership is available if the student earns sufficient CSF points from on campus courses. National Honor Society and Renaissance Program membership is available for qualifying students.



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