EO Coursework – Standards and Policies

Christian education must be both Christian and quality.

The school seeks to ensure the Christian perspective by requiring at least one parent to confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to regularly attend a local Christian church, and to live a Christian lifestyle. The curriculum and/or its presentation is to reflect a Christian worldview.

Parents submit the curriculum, goals and plan for implementation at the beginning of each school year. Students are required to participate in standardized testing which is included in the fee. Parents submit quarterly grades and attendance. Evidence of student work and progress are submitted once a semester.

Ontario Christian high school courses are considered college preparatory. Graduation requirements are such that students are prepared for entry into most colleges and universities. It is important that EO courses meet the same standards of academic rigor and are consistent in content quality as on-campus classes. There are also specific graduation requirements that all students must meet in order to graduate from Ontario Christian School. Therefore, the following standards have been established:

  1. All courses that meet the specific graduation requirements must be taught using an approved curriculum. For some alternatives, Ontario Christian may require some additional work, especially to develop a Christian worldview.
  2. Courses offered by other educational systems, community colleges, private teachers and other EO courses shall not be used without prior approval of the Educational Options director and the Ontario Christian academic counselor.
  3. If curricular materials have printed or electronic testing materials available, they shall be used for normal testing. Grades given for a course shall be supported by objective test results.
  4. Standardized testing is required of all students. This is a valuable tool to assess the student’s academic progress and success. The testing results also provide a basis for curriculum modifications, and provide criteria to evaluate continued enrollment in Ontario Christian School Educational Options.