Educational Options FAQ

  • Q: Why would our family be interested in Educational Options?

    The desire to educate your students in a personalized manner can stem from their academic needs to goals in their spiritual growth. Educational options allows families to have choices outside of the traditional school setting to focus on the character development, pace, style of learning, educational enrichment and personal aspirations of their students. The financial savings can also be an incentive as families prepare for college tuition.

  • Q: Is EO for all grade levels?

    Educational Options permits on-campus education for grades kindergarten through twelve. OC Online is available for grades three through twelve. Students who have completed all of the eighth grade graduation requirements are then eligible to begin taking courses that lead to high school credits.

  • Q: Are EO families eligible?

    Students who take one or more classes on campus may apply to a third party company for tuition assistance eligibility. Tuition assistance applies only for students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Families must have their student enrolled in a regular classroom at Ontario Christian for individual courses (K-12) or 2-3 day options (elementary only). Tuition assistance will be based only on the cost of education for the classes enrolled in the regular classroom, thus excluding PSP fees, online courses, and summer classes. Applications are considered in the order applications are submitted.

  • Q: What are the rules for when the student is on campus?

    If students have open time due to scheduling, they will be assigned to study hall at the high school campus. Middle and elementary students do not have this option. If there is more than one period between high school classes, there will be an additional fee or separate arrangements made between the school and the family. Middle and elementary students must be supervised by the parent if there is an open time in the schedule. Students must wear OC uniforms to participate on campus.

  • Q: To what extent will the scheduling of on-campus courses accommodate my student?

    Every effort is made to schedule courses to accommodate most students. The master schedule is designed to meet the needs of the students who are attending Ontario Christian full time; however, administrators work to arrange the best scheduling options for part-time students. Those taking on-campus courses are expected to meet all of the class obligations, such as participating in concerts and programs.

  • Q: Are there any differences in graduation requirements?

    To graduate and receive an OC diploma, students must meet all OC graduation requirements, e.g., course requirements. The student must meet all other requirements for graduation, e.g., documented service hours, or other requirements. Students who take even one course at home are included as a full time student in the graduation ceremonies but will receive an Ontario Christian PSP diploma.

  • Q: Must the student take some courses on campus?

    To receive a regular diploma, students are required to take all classes on campus, online or at a junior college to comply with WASC accreditation.

  • Q: What are dual enrollment courses and what is the difference between this and Advanced Placement courses?

    Dual enrollment courses are specified classes taken on a community college campus or online from a college. The student completing a dual enrollment course will receive academic credit from college and Ontario Christian School. This is an actual college course with college academic expectations. These credits are transferable to accredited colleges; each college has its own policies for acceptance or additional requirements. Students taking Advance Placement courses receive high school credit. Students take a subject test at the end of the school year. Most colleges accept AP credits for students who receive high test scores. Individual college policies determine acceptance standards.

  • Q: What will the student's transcript indicate?

    The student’s transcript will reflect the means by which approved courses were taken, for example, PSP, online, or other designation as determined by the school. The transcript will note that all PSP courses are not WASC accredited.

  • Q: Will the student receive an Ontario Christian School diploma?

    Students who meet all OC course and graduation requirements will receive an OC diploma. To receive a regular diploma, students are required to take all classes on campus, online or at a junior college to comply with WASC accreditation.

  • Q: Will the student be able to participate in graduation ceremonies?

    All students who meet the requirements for OC graduation may participate in graduation ceremonies, including those who are receiving a PSP diploma. Ontario Christian graduation ceremonies are held only at the end of the school year.

  • Q: May an Educational Options student participate in Ontario Christian Schools events?

    Ontario Christian welcomes Educational Options (EO) student participation and identify these students as a student of this school. EO students are recognized as attending Ontario Christian Schools. These students may receive a student ID card, attend athletic and other events and pay the student rate, have a student picture included in the school yearbook. However, some activities are reserved for those who are on-campus students. Elementary and middle school: All students, even those not taking any on-campus classes, may participate in after school clubs and programs, such as chess club. Students are invited to attend chapel. Families may make arrangements to use the school library. Students taking one to four on-campus classes may participate in all of the activities associated with that course, including field trips and presentations. For example, students taking music may participate in the Fine Arts program, and those participating in the three day option are eligible for the field trip to Catalina Island. At the middle school level, students must take two or more on-campus classes to participate in athletics and serve on Associated Student Body. Educational Options provides field trips and other activities that may require additional fees. Parents may or may not be invited to participate depending on the event and may also be subject to an additional participation fee. High School: All Educational Options students, even those not taking any on-campus classes, may participate in after school clubs, programs and attend chapel, assemblies, rallies, and social events. For example, this includes attendance at the junior-senior banquet, grad night activities, and the senior service project. Families may make arrangements to use the school library. Those completing all Ontario Christian graduation requirements may participate in graduation ceremonies. At the high school level, students must take two or more on-campus classes to participate in athletics or serve on the Associated Student Body. Some state or national organizations such as National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation have qualifications that may exclude the part-time student. Some of these activities and events require additional fees. Parents do not participate.