Music Department

Our award-winning music department offers jazz band, concert band, men's choir, women's choir, and an auditioned choir at the high school level.

It’s clear in scripture that God calls us to worship him through music. It’s also clear that we are called to do music skillfully. In fact, God has called us to do all things, “whether in word or deed…in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Col. 3:17). When we play music well, we offer our best to the Creator.

While we strive for excellence in our music, our motivation for doing so is different than the non-believer’s. We strive for excellence so that God may be glorified. He created sound, various types of materials, and time (the building blocks of music) and then called us to explore, discover, and create. By doing these things, we are worshiping the Creator of ALL things.

The goal of Ontario Christian’s Music Department is to teach students about who God is through music, to develop their skills as musicians to enhance worship in their own lives and in the lives of their communities and churches, and to cultivate in them an appreciation for music.

J.S. Bach said it very well:

“The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.”