Middle School Information

Daily Announcements

Each morning, our students receive daily announcements about upcoming activities. This may include sports news, schedule changes, prayer needs, praise reports — anything they need to know to help them through the day. Feel free to contact our office at (909) 983-1671 for more information.

Progress Reports

Midterm reports are available through ParentsWeb (online grade book). Students and parents each receive their own username/password so they can stay updated weekly as to the student’s progress. These reports are especially important approximately four and a half weeks through each quarter, as they help determine probation/restriction. Parents should examine these reports and work with the teacher to make plans for improvement if needed.

Report Cards

At the end of each quarter, report cards are distributed to students and parents via ParentsWeb. It normally takes a weekend and an additional day or two after the quarter to have the report cards ready for distribution. Report Cards (4th quarter) are emailed home after school is out.