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Catherine Trani

Ontario Christian Schools has been leading the way in educational options by offering accredited online courses as one of our many choices. Our courses are distinctive in several ways, which you can see by exploring our site. We offer courses from a Christian perspective for our 3rd through 12th grades.

When shopping for an online class, there are some important things to consider: quality, accreditation, course calendar, required materials, and required class meeting times. We have high-quality courses that are equal in scope and sequence to our brick-and-mortar school. Our course calendar is completely flexible. For high school semester courses, start when ready and finish within 6 months. One year courses can be completed in up to 12 months. Our courses include a-g and NCAA approved, AP and dual credit options. Most courses require no other materials: your online login contains everything you need. There are no specific times you need to be online. All students pay a one-time application fee and then may choose from a variety of price options to fit individual needs.

We have believed for several years that a revolution was coming. Online education is only going to become more important in our on-demand society. It is important to us to stay relevant, while maintaining what is crucial to us: allowing parents to have options for the education of their students. If we are going to take seriously our calling to become transformers of society, we as Christians need to be equipped. Online learning is an excellent way for students to get a quality education while having the flexibility to be in charge of their own schedule.

As you compare us to our competitors, see how we can meet needs for educational options and total convenience.


Catherine Trani,

Director of Educational Options


As a division of Ontario Christian Schools, Ontario Christian School Online is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and by Christian Schools International.

What Does That Mean For You?

The courses offered by Ontario Christian School Online are fully legitimate. Completed courses will not only help students towards their goal of high school graduation, but they will also be recognized by most higher education institutions.

How Do I Know This is True for Me?

We strongly urge parents of students currently in a traditional high school to check with their principal or admissions director to make sure that these credits will apply for their high school graduation.

Download our OC Online Guide, print it out and deliver it to your school's guidance counselor or principal. Ask them if they will accept work completed through Ontario Christian Online.

Online Options

Option 1. NCAA / UC Approved / Dual Credit Courses

Ontario Christian Schools offers regionally-accredited Christian online courses to middle school and high school students. High school students can choose from UC approved, NCAA, or dual credit. Qualified Christian instructors oversee the day-to-day management of these courses.

Option 2. Other Courses

Students may also choose from WASC accredited online courses for elementary through high school students that are overseen by Ontario Christian teachers.


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