Add-on Application

This application is to enroll children from a family that has previously been accepted into Ontario Christian Schools. You do not need to fill out information for existing OC students, only students that are new to Ontario Christian.

Instructions to Applicant:

  • Please answer all questions on this form completely.
  • Please download and give the Student Information Form to your child’s previous school.
  • Please turn in two years of transcripts/report cards
  • A few minutes after you submit the form, you will receive an email of your answers, which is how you will know that the form was successfully submitted. You may have to find it in your junk or spam folder if you cannot see it in your inbox.
  • Please note: 1) questions with asterisks * are required, and 2) if you are adding more than one child, you will have to return to this form and submit it one time for each child.
  • If you have any questions about the add-on application, please contact Tira Dennis, Admissions Coordinator, at or (909) 321-2305.

Add-On Application

With both parentsFather's addressMother's addressGuardian's address (please provide if different from parents')