Admissions FAQs

  • Q: What are the requirements to attend Ontario Christian School?

    The basic requirement is that families attend a Christ-centered Protestant or Catholic church regularly. For additional requirements, click here for further enrollment details.

  • Q: What curriculum do you use?

    We do not use any one publisher. Instead, we carefully select resources and textbooks that will best equip our students in the given subject areas. Our teachers, who have a solid Biblical worldview, then teach the curriculum from a Christian perspective.

  • Q: How many students per class?

    We use the following guidelines:
    K through 2nd grade typically has 18–22 students per classroom
    3rd and 4th grade typically has 20–24 students per classroom
    5th and 6th grade typically has 22–26 students per classroom
    7th and 8th grade typically has 22–26 student per classroom
    9th through 12th grade typically has 22–24 student per classroom (Honors, AP, and Elective classes typically have fewer students per classroom)

  • Q: Are your teachers credentialed?

    Our teachers are credentialed or in the process of securing a current teaching or other appropriate professional certificate recognized by a State. All our teachers are qualified and trained to teach in their respective subject areas and actively seek growth in their profession.

  • Q: Are you on a traditional school calendar year?

    Yes, we start mid August and end school around Memorial Day. Specific dates are determined annually. Our current year calendar can be found here.

  • Q: What are the school hours?

    K- 8th grade: 8:10 a.m. – 2:50 p.m.

    9-12th grade: M,T,W,F 7:55am-2:55pm.
    Thursday late start 8:55am-2:55pm.

    Office hours M-F 7:30am-4pm.

  • Q: Is Ontario Christian Schools accredited?

    We are fully accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and CSI (Christian Schools International).

  • Q: Does Ontario Christian have an international student program?

    Yes! Please see our International Program page for more info.

  • Q: Do the students wear uniforms?

    Yes, all students are required to wear uniforms from our current provider, Dennis Uniforms. Preschool students are only required to wear the OC T-shirt on Fridays.

  • Q: Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer or serve?

    We always encouraged parents to be involved in auxiliary groups and offer many opportunities for service, such as chaperoning field trips, providing special skills in the office, or helping with drama or other special events and programs. To get more information on the present needs, please contact the Ontario Christian School Parent Association (OCPA).

    For those who will be working with children, either in the classroom, in small groups, as room parents, or volunteering for chaperoning field trips, fingerprinting is required. Contact the front office of your child’s campus for information on fulfilling these requirements.

  • Q: Is lunch available for purchase daily?

    Preschool through 8th grade receives a monthly lunch menu and can purchase and pay for the days they order lunch. Fourth through eighth grade can also purchase lunch daily from the à la carte menu. At the High School campus, the Knights' Corner Kitchen serves fresh and nutritious meals every day.

  • Q: What is the school policy on employee interactions with students?

    California law AB 500 requires local educational agencies and K-12 private schools to maintain policies on employee interactions with students in its employee code of conduct. Pursuant to this new law, these policies are now accessible to parents and guardians on the OC website. Review the OC guidelines here. Print copies are available in the Business Office.