Constitution & Bylaws

The Athletic Boosters Club of Ontario Christian Schools

Articles of Constitution

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be “The Ontario Christian Schools Athletic Boosters Club (Boosters Club)”.

Article II – Purpose

The Boosters Club was established in 1960 to encourage and support athletes at Ontario Christian Schools in an atmosphere that is consistent with the schools philosophy of growing Christian leaders. Morally the club is here to promote sound, organized Christian based athletic programs.

Financially the club will consider any special need that is not normally covered under the annual budget of the school’s Athletic Program.

Article III – Membership

Anyone who attends 3 meetings in one calendar year will be considered a member of the Ontario Christian Boosters Club.

Article IV – Election of Officers

1. Officers shall be elected by ballot by a simple majority of members present.

2. Nomination of candidates for office shall take place at the October meeting and elections shall be held at the November meeting of each year.

3. Newly elected officers shall assume their responsibilities January of the following year.

4. The term of office shall be for one year. Officers may be elected for more than one term and may serve consecutive terms.

Officers and duties shall be:
President – Set the date and times for all meetings, Chair all meetings of the Booster Club, make all necessary preparations for meetings including agendas for all meetings. The President shall appoint members to any and all subcommittees. The President will also appoint a club member to fill the office of an expired term should a seat become vacant.

Vice‐President – To assist the President whenever necessary and to chair any meeting which the President is absent.

Secretary – To take the minutes of all Booster Club meetings.

Treasurer – To keep complete records of all finances and to present a financial report at each meeting.

These four Officers shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Boosters Club

Article V – Meetings

1. Booster Club Meetings shall be held every month during the calendar year with the exception of the month of December, and any month that the Executive committee determines a meeting is unnecessary.

2. The Executive Committee may call special meetings on an as needed basis.

3. All meetings shall open and close with prayer and be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Article VI – Finances

The finances shall be derived from donations and fund‐raising projects. The Boosters Club is part of the Ontario Christian School Association, a non‐profit organization.

Article VII – Auditing

After the meeting of the election of officers and prior to their assumption of office, the outgoing President shall appoint a committee of two to audit the Treasurer’s books. This committee shall make its report at the next following meeting.

Article VIII – Constitutional Changes

1. Any proposal for Constitutional (Articles) changes must come from the Executive Committee, must be announced prior to the next meeting at which they are to be considered and must be passed by a two‐thirds majority of the Booster Club members present.

2. The By‐laws are to be reviewed and revised as necessary by the outgoing Executive Committee within a month following the annual election of officers.

Article IX – Amendments

1. Upon the dissolution of this organization and after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the organization, the remaining assets shall be given to the Ontario Christian Schools Association.

2. No part of the net earnings of this organization shall ever be for the benefit of or distributable to its members, trustees, officers or other private persons, except that the organization shall be empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions for the express purpose of paying off any debt owed by the club.

Revised January 2010

The Athletic Boosters Club of Ontario Christian Schools

1. The requirements for membership shall be as stated in the Articles of Constitution.

2. Rules for voting shall be as follows

i. A member must have attended at least three Boosters Club Meetings within the previous 12 months to be eligible to vote on any proposal or in the elections of officers.
– ii. The Athletic Director shall cast one vote representing the coaching staff.
– iii. Five members in attendance shall constitute a quorum.
– iv. Should a decision need to be made prior to the next scheduled meeting the President can conduct a phone poll of the
Executive Committee and report back to the club at the next meeting. If the decision calls for an expenditure of money the
amount will not exceed $500.00.

3. The Treasurer’s signature shall be the primary authorized signature on the checking and savings accounts. The President’s and/or one appointed member’s signature shall be the secondary signature.

4. Financial income for the Boosters Club shall be primarily funded by donations, advertising in the Souvenir Program, the Labor Day Pancake breakfast, the annual golf tournament and other agreed upon fund‐raising projects.

5. The Boosters Club shall provide funding for:
– i. The Boosters Club Male and Female “Athlete of the Year” awards, $500.00 will be awarded to each recipient.
– ii. CIF rings for each athlete and coach in the amount of up to $150.00 per ring.

6. Requests for Boosters Club funding of special projects or events must be made by the Athletic Department at least one month prior to the anticipated need for funding to allow members the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon the request. All requests for Boosters Club funding must be presented by the Athletic Director.
Revised January 2010

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