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Academic Corner 1/18/16


Mrs. Carleen Maurer

Mrs. Carleen Maurer

Hello OC parents! Have your children been coming home talking about snowmen and winter like mine have?

My 1st grade daughter couldn’t stop talking about how excited she was to become her own “archer.” (I’m pretty sure that translated into author!) The very same day, my second grader came home and explained how Mrs. DeGroot taught her how to expand a sentence, by adding who, what, how, where, when, and why components. Talk about being impressed!

There are five different components of the writing process, and our teachers are taking the time to truly help students be successful in each of them.

First, as part of the pre-writing process, our students will be brainstorming different things about their Winter Wonderland Writing Prompts. From telling the story of building a snowman, to describing their favorite winter day, students are learning how to first get all of their ideas out on paper, using actions, descriptions, dialogue, and even sound effects!

Next, students will begin to write their first drafts, focusing on clear topics, paragraph structure and organization, and grammar and punctuation.

The third part of the writing process is called revising. This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to proofread their work and improve it, paying attention to details and writing expectations.

Then, students will edit their work, and help their peers to edit as well. We have many different editing tools for the students to learn how to catch punctuation and grammar mistakes, and improve their organization and focus as much as possible. Even our first graders can get practice with this!

Finally, our students will get to the most exciting step of the writing process – PUBLISHING!

We can’t wait to read the final products in the coming weeks, and we know you will be just as excited to see your child’s hard work!