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Academic Corner 1/25/16

Mrs. Carleen Maurer

Mrs. Carleen Maurer

These past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of visiting classrooms all over our Elementary campus! It has been so much fun and rewarding to be a part of the excitement that your children have expressed! I’ve seen kids brainstorming, writing, pair-sharing, and beginning the steps towards revising and editing. Teachers and students are really working hard to make this Winter Wonderland Contest a huge success!

Next week, our students will be wrapping up their final drafts. Once they do, each teacher will be choosing the top 3 or 4 papers per class to submit as finalists! While we will celebrate EVERY child for their participation, it will be especially exciting to highlight some of our stand-out writers on campus.

The finalists’ essays will be given to our High School Honors English students. What a special way to collaborative with other OC students! The high school students will be given rubrics to help them in deciding which essays get the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. They will be looking at areas such as creativity, organization, content, and grammar conventions. This cross-age practice will make these awards even more meaningful for our winners, knowing that the accolades come from their OC role models.

We will spend a good portion of the first week of second semester celebrating all of OC’s Elementary students for becoming our very own Young Authors! There will be exciting events taking place so parents, stay tuned! Your kids are going to LOVE being a part of this! The final culmination of all of our hard work will take place on Feb 12th, where the top writers will be awarded in front of their peers!