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Academic Corner 2/15/16

Mrs. Carleen Maurer

Mrs. Carleen Maurer

There is such a beauty in providing our children with a Christian Education here at Ontario Christian. Some may ask, what does a christian education actually entail? We are proud to offer the Bible as one of our core subjects, however that is not what solely defines our christian education. Ontario Christian is extremely proud of that which makes us unique from other institutions, which we call our Core Curricular Principles. The sum of the principles are stated as:

  • God is central to the purpose and meaning of life.
  • God reveals Himself to us.
  • God’s revelations explain the relationships between God, man, and the world.

Did you know that every teacher, in every subject, intentionally weaves these principles into our core curriculum each and every day? Math is not just about numbers here at OC – math represents the order of creation, and God revealing Himself to us as a God of order. Reading and language arts are an opportunity for our teachers to discuss how God relates to man and the world through literature, language, and self-expression in the form of writing.

In order to achieve our mission of growing christian leaders, our teachers recognize the necessity to reach every child that is uniquely designed by God. Not every child will be a science wizard, and some students are more comfortable than others in an art class. Christian education using OC’s Core curricular principles recognizes that God is central to the meaning of life, ensuring that every single of our students is created ON purpose, FOR a purpose! Amen!