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Announcing: Interim 2017, January 4, 5, 6

by Ben Dykhouse, High School Assistant Principal

Click here for the link to the Interim Webpage

What makes us unique? What makes Ontario Christian a place that people choose to send their children? A common answer to this question is, “The teachers.” Teachers who take a genuine interest in their children and have a passion to live out God’s calling is one of the reasons Ontario Christian is a has such a good investment portfolio.

Interim is a new program at Ontario Christian that will allow teachers to live out their calling and share their passions in a new way. It will also be a time for students to discover or explore their gifts or passions in a less traditional school setting.

The plan for Interim is quite simple. At the high school, students will have the opportunity to participate in three different kinds of experiences:

  1. Specialized courses on our campus taught by our teachers. These courses will be the areas of science, math, literature, math, history, or art. Other courses will focus on a particular leisure or life skills activity. Still other courses will be about building God’s Kingdom and putting faith into action.
  2. Specialized courses on our campus taught by outside instructors. These courses will be taught by people in our school community. These instructors will choose their topic, but we are looking for courses in the areas mentioned above.
  3. Off-campus job shadow opportunities. These job shadows will be limited to juniors and seniors with people from our school community in their places of work.

Interim 2017 will take place during the three days we come back from Christmas Break: January 4, 5, & 6. (Note: The middle school will also be offering a different program during this time called “J Term” on the Euclid Campus.)

Here’s what we need from our school family:
People who are willing to teach a course in an area of interest or expertise. We are asking that all courses fit into one of the three areas we mentioned earlier:

  • Specialized science, math, literature, history, or art
  • Leisure or life skills
  • Faith in action

People who are willing to host students (2-5) at your place or work. Our goal is to have enough job shadow experiences so all our seniors and some juniors have the opportunity to choose an off campus option.

For information about all of this, please visit our Interim webpage

Here, you will find lots of helpful information about Interim 2017 including applications to teach an on campus course and host a job shadow experience.

Please direct any questions about Interim 2017 to Ben Dykhouse (bdykhouse@ocschools.org.)