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Why Christian Education?

The Christian school is a school which teaches that God’s word is our only authority and the foundational basis for all truth. It is remarkable for its solid history, its fine tradition, and its strong philosophical emphasis in providing education grounded in the Truth of God’s holy inerrant Word.

The Christian school continues to offer a program of excellence in its curricular and extracurricular programs. God is no fool. He demands from us the best. There is a battle going on for our children’s minds and souls today. The battle is between the gods of humanism and the God of Truth. We need to continue to face it squarely and head-on as our forefathers did. We are educating for Eternity.

Therefore, the home, the church, and the school are obligated to furnish an educational system that is clearly and unmistakably based on Truth. There are a lot of forces on Christian leadership in Colossians 2:8:

“Be careful that nobody spoils your faith through intellectualism or high-sounding nonsense. Such stuff is at best founded on men’s false concepts and ideas of the nature of the world, and disregards Christ.”

We praise God for committed, dedicated faculty and staff of the Christian schools, who help make the difference when it comes to leading and directing our children and young people. The Christian school allows for the Holy Spirit in the life of the teacher who is directed by a calling and with eternal purpose.

The old argument, ‘we can’t afford it’ must take a back seat. Certainly, education is not as much as expenditure as it is an investment. Many Christian parents would spend all that they had to save the life of their child; but would sell the child’s mind and the child’s soul for a mess of pottage.

There is no middle ground for the Christian. No neutrality of philosophy. Who is winning the battle for our children’s minds… and souls? We are shaping America by training young people with not only the skill of making a living; but more importantly, we are teaching them the art of how to live and how to subdue the earth as God has intended. Ultimately, it is God alone who must receive our service to His glory and to the benefit of His creation and kingdom.

The choice is ours!

George Groen
by George Groen, author, educator, and former superintendent at Ontario Christian.

This article is adapted from a speech Mr. Groen gave in 1979.