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Faculty Spotlight: Amber McKee


• graduated from Ontario Christian in 2000
• B.A. in athletic training from Point Loma Nazarene University
• M.A. in sports management from American Public University
• Board of Certification certified athletic trainer; preceptor for the University of La Verne Athletic Training Education Program
• teaches anatomy, sports medicine, Christian leadership, and physical education

March is National Athletic Training Month. This is a time when athletic trainers work to educate the public about their profession. At Ontario Christian, we have the blessing of having our own athletic trainer – Amber McKee. An athletic trainer is a medical professional who cares for athletes and the physically active.

“I’m an advocate for student athletes,” Amber says.

When student athletes have any physical injury, Amber leaps to action. She reports to the scene with her emergency kit. During the football season, she is present at the every practice and every game, dealing with situations such as cramps, dehydration, injuries and rehabilitation.

Nancy Ziebell, whose son Jacob graduated from OC in 2012, volunteers for the football team. She watches Amber pacing the sidelines to keep an eye on the athletes and racing to action the second a situation rises.

“She devotes every ounce of her heart and her soul to the students at OC,” Nancy says. “She is not only their athletic trainer and teacher, she is their mentor for not only injuries on the field, but injuries in life.”

In addition, Amber also leads a team of students who are called “McKee’s Minions.” These students assist her in her daily duties (caring for injuries, preparing for games and practices, etc) and thereby learn the art of sports medicine.

Amber discovered athletic training when she was a junior at OC. A student athlete herself, she once sprained her ankle so badly that she sought help from a physical therapist, from whom she learned about athletic training as a career option.

She has a wealth of experience in athletic training. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, she worked for three years at Orange Lutheran High School as the head athletic trainer. She then worked for two years at California Baptist University, and later, several small colleges in Ohio.

She and her husband, Jason, have been married since 2006. They have a son named Colin and a daughter named Cora.

If you would like more information on what it is that athletic trainers do visit www.athletictrainers.org.