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Fall Fund Drive Aims to Raise $150,000 in Tuition Assistance

Fall Fund Drive

Ontario Christian School has a long history of supporting students through financial assistance.

Over just the past 5 years, OC has provided more than $1.2 million to almost 600 students.

This is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of donors like you who want to be part of the transformative power of an Ontario Christian education.

A gift to the Fall Fund Drive makes an immediate impact in the life of a student and helps us fulfill our mission of Growing Christian Leaders – one student at a time!


Due to unforeseen work challenges, I had no idea how I was going to pay for tuition this year. I “dropped my fleece,” prayed for a miracle, and stepped out in faith not understanding how God was going to solve this financial dilemma. I have been blessed to see firsthand how the Lord is using the generosity of others through tuition assistance to help us make another year possible. The best part was watching my child witness firsthand what can and does happen when we go to God in prayer with our fears and doubts, ask Him for His provision, trust that He will provide, and finally, step aside and watch the Lord deliver beyond expectations. Thank you, OC, for your generosity, for showing us actionable love, and for being the hands and feet of Jesus by providing when I could not clearly see a way.

This assistance has afforded me, as a single mom, the mental soundness and peace of mind to know that my children are well cared for and are being poured into during the day. It has allowed me to continue to support my family and be able to run my household without the worry of falling financially behind. As a woman of very little outside resources besides daycare, I am so thankful this was available to myself and our famil

Receiving tuition assistance has given me an indescribable feeling of peace and comfort during a difficult time in our lives. The generosity of others has been life-changing for my family and, only because of this generosity, my children have been nurtured and loved in a Christian education environment

Without the help of OC tuition assistance to fill in the financial gaps we experienced the past 13 years, it would have been impossible for us to provide a consistent, stable environment in which our kids could grow and learn. All three of my kids have thrived at OC, and the assistance program made that possible. We are so grateful.

The tuition assistance that I have received ensures that my son gets to remain here as part of the OC family. It ensures that he has a Christ-centered education at a school where character and morals matter. It ensures that he is surrounded, not only by God’s love but by Christ-following adults that he can look up to and learn from.

As Christian parents, we made a promise to God to train up our/His children and we have been blessed by their Christian education. When job loss and underemployment affected our family, we saw God’s grace and His image clearly through anonymous donations of tuition assistance. There is something very special and humbling about being a part of a Christian community and a covenantal school.

Thanks to the benevolence and generosity of our amazing donors, I can give my children a faith-based and Christ-centered education without fear or worry.

Receiving tuition assistance from Ontario Christian is truly a blessing for me as a single mother. I confidently send my son to school every day knowing the education he is receiving is one based on our faith and beliefs. In the world we live in today, that is nearly priceless.

Tuition assistance has made it possible to keep our girls flourishing in a Christ-centered environment. It has been a huge weight lifted. I have no words other than THANK YOU! I truly and honestly pray that we will be able to pay this forward to families in the future.