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Genzink, Aaron

Professional Biography

I graduated from Calvin College in 1999 with an Elementary Education degree, while acquiring a minor in science and music. In 2000, I began my teaching career at Ontario Christian in a 5th-grade classroom. Currently, I teach 8th-grade science, after eight years teaching 7th grade, two years teaching 6th grade, and one year in 5th grade. While teaching in middle school, I have taught science, math, and choir. I received a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in a Multicultural Context from Azusa Pacific University in 2008.

Personal Biography

My wife Rebecca and I were married in 2004, and we have two daughters. We keep very busy in the music department at Pomona First Baptist Church, where I have been a member since 2001. In our free time, my family and I enjoy music, playing games, making puzzles, and watching baseball.

Philosophical Biography

I believe that our world belongs to God. As a science teacher, I view science as the study of God and all He has created, and that by learning about our world, we learn about God as well. I love teaching and exploring with my students about the greatness of God, as evidenced by everything from the stars to the cells, and all the laws God put into place to hold these all together. At the very core of each of us is a desire to worship our creator, and the more we learn, the more we worship!

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