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Jansen, Nancy

Professional  I graduated from Dordt College with a degree in Medical Technology.  I worked in hospital laboratories in Hackensack, NJ and Albany, NY  I was then blessed to be a stay-at-home mom and when we moved to California, I began volunteering at OC, which lead me to substitute teaching in all grades here.  After spending a few years assisting at the high school front desk,  I now am assisting the counseling department with their duties.

Personal  I grew up in Hartley, IA and met my husband, John, at Dordt College.  He is an Electrical Engineer and works for Eaton Corp.  We lived for a short time in Hawthorne, New Jersey and spent 15 years in upstate New York.  I loved fall there!  We have 3 children–Jennifer(OC class of 2001) and her husband, Tony,  Ben and his wife, Leslie(both OC class of 2003) and Dan(OC class of 2007).  I am excitedly looking forward to being a grandmother for the first time this October!


Philosophical  I am so happy that I could have the assistance of a Christian school to raise my children.  I believe that teaching my children to love the Lord can not be compartmentalized to a certain day or time and appreciate that those who spent the most time with my children during the day also love the Lord!  I am still happy to support the mission of the school to surround our children with God in all parts of their lives.


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