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Mesman, Kim

Professional Biography

I received my B.A in Elementary Education from Hope College in Holland, Michigan.( Go Flying Dutchmen!) I also received my GATE (Gifted and Talented Eduation) Credential from UC Riverside.I have been teaching since 1989! I have taught 1st grade, 3rd grade and now Kindergarten . I am also in charge of our school’s gifted program which is grades 3-6th!

Personal Biography

I have been married to my best friend Dean since 1991! We have three beautiful girls! Our oldest is a RN at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, our middle daughter is a Sophmore at Hope College and our youngest is a Sophmore at Ontario Christian High School. I enjoy reading, hiking, swimming, and running! I love teaching and feel so blessed that God has used me as one of his vessels to teach His precious children!

Philosophical Biography

I believe that God views each person as a special creation of Christ made in his image. We are reflections of his love. I see the students that I touch in my classroom in the same way. Each and every one of my students is an image bearer of God. It is my responsibility as a Christian teacher to see them through the eyes of Christ. I need to look for their gifts and encourage them to develop the unique talents God has given to them so that they may live their lives using what God has equipped them with to fulfill his purpose. As a Christian I believe I have the responsibility to obey the word of the Lord and to live out his purpose for my life in the world. In order to fulfill this responsibility I need to gain the knowledge and the abilities necessary to accomplish his will for me. This is exactly what I want my students to gain from the education they receive in my classroom. It is my obligation to my students to equip them to live their life obediently for Christ. Each subject in school plays an important role in this process: Math, Science, History and Bible are some of the subjects that can provide the knowledge the students need. Reading, Writing,Spelling, Computers, Music, Art and Physical Education provide the skills necessary to express oneself and communicate the knowledge that is gained. Even beyond the school subjects are the rules that are taught in the classroom. My students need to understand that God holds them accountable for those actions they choose for and in their lives. God has given rules and boundaries out of love for us. I want my students to learn how to respect those rules and in so doing learn how to love and respect one another and the Lord their God. Being a Christian teacher allows me to give my students a purpose for school, and a purpose for life. Without a God centered education it is hard for me to explain to my students their existence and reason in life. It provides an opportunity to integrate Christ into every aspect of life, every subject taught. I have been called to service by God to be a Christian Educator. I enjoy sharing my love for Christ with my students, providing a living example and helping them grow and develop in him. This is why I have dedicated my life to Christian Education.

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