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OC High School Students Recognized for Outstanding Artwork, Writing

The Knightingale is an event where we celebrate OC high school students’ love for the creative arts. Every year the teachers from the English and the Visual Arts departments carefully select artwork, poetry, and prose submitted by students and choose the ones that demonstrate originality. Please join us to congratulate these students. *If you’re interested in ordering a Knightingale book that includes the selected artwork and writing, please contact Andrea Flanery aflanery@ocschools.org.


Drawing & painting


1st Place:
Renae Bruinsma ’18
Rebecca Lazo ’16
Nicole Miller ’15
Sydnee Stutz ’17

2nd Place:
Samantha Vela ’16
Ashleigh Salazar ’16
Lindsay Solcum ’17

3rd Place:
Evan Golondzinier ’16
Aryeh Perry ’15

Honorable Mention:
Ashley Burroughs ’16
Kaylee Monson ’16
Colin Hardy ’15
Gabrielle Slocum ’15
Kayla Paul ’15


1st Place:
Danielle Houston ’17
Autumn Schaefer ’16
Griffin Ridley ’15

2nd Place:
Kayla Dennis ’17
Natalie Miller ’16
John Alva ’16

3rd Place:
Kristina Heman-Ackah ’15

Honorable Mention:
Jesse Monroe ’15
Nicole Miller ’15