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Ontario Christian High School Talent Show 2021: PandemOCk!

Hello OC!

Read below for a message from the OCHS Talent Show Director and AP English Teacher, Mr. Schapp!

Although we are dismayed that this year’s show is not in front of a live audience in the Albers Chapel in front of the whole OC community, we thought it would be only fitting to lament our situation and “trouble deaf heaven with our bootless cries” by means of this year’s talent show theme: PandemOCk! This theme will touch on what many of us have suffered through over the past year, so enjoy? Hopefully, you can relate. We also want to highlight some of the amazing talent that has been festering while we have been away in quarantine. Until next year when we can do this together in person (Lord-willing) once again, the cast and crew of 2021 Talent Show Extravaganza hopes you virtually enjoy this somewhat briefer, asynchronous show – may all your Zooming and sniffles be short-lived until we meet again… 

The winners of this year’s show will be announced at the end of small group/chapel time, and you will receive your prize money soon thereafter. As the audience, make sure you cheer loudly for your favorite act – it may affect the outcome! Don’t “mask” your enthusiasm!

If you would like to partake in next year’s show as an ACT, please see Mr. Schaap in the 2nd semester of 2022. We would love to see your talent! Also, if you would like to be a HOST for next year’s show – this will be open to any senior from the class of 2022.