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Back to School Update: Ontario Christian Responds to COVID-19

Dear Ontario Christian Families, 

The Friday, July 17, 2020 announcement made by Governor Newsom stating that public and private schools located in counties on the state “Monitoring List” are ordered to begin the year with remote learning put a halt to our Plan A to return to campus. At the time of that announcement, we were putting the final touches on our return to campus plan. As you know, it included on-campus learning along with an option for synchronous remote(virtual) learning for families who desired that choice. At this point, our choices have been limited, and because San Bernardino County is currently high on the monitoring list with statistics continuing to grow, Ontario Christian will begin the year with remote learning for all students on August 18, 2020. For some of you, this will bring relief and for others, it will bring frustration and disappointment. 

A few things you should know: 

  • Although some schools have chosen to delay the start of school, we believe that our students are ready to begin school. Our teachers are ready to re-engage with students. Specific schedules for each grade level will be provided, and we are working on providing options for student access to campus during remote learning. On all campuses, we will offer optional individual or small group time for instruction, counseling, check-in, and some athletic activities. An Ontario Christian education will continue to provide strong personal relationships with our faculty and community-building experiences as much as possible. 
  • We will return to on-campus learning as soon as possible, whether that is due to coming off the monitoring list or through other viable options. The California Department of Public Health is developing a waiver for elementary schools to open for on-campus learning that OC will pursue once it becomes available. If that or another waiver is granted, we will begin on-campus instruction for all families desiring that while keeping a virtual remote learning option for families who prefer to continue that. (FYI – If a school reopens to in-person instruction, but the county is later placed on the monitoring list (again), the school will not be required to return to remote learning.) 
  • OC continues to seek and follow legal advice from school law experts. 

Preschool/Transitional Kindergarten: Fully open for in-person learning beginning on Tuesday, August 18. These programs fall under our Early Childhood Licensing which currently allows them to meet with health and safety measures in place. 

Elementary: K-6th grades will begin the year in remote learning. Remote learning will include daily teaching sessions, social opportunities, individualized technology lessons, and on-campus “check-in” hours for individualized help. Students will have the option of “checking in” with their teacher each week in a small group of students. This will allow students and teachers the opportunity to build relationships and review new concepts in person. 

Middle School: Classes will include live-streamed/synchronous instruction, as well as options for “check-in” time with a teacher. 

High School: Classes will include live-streamed/synchronous instruction, as well as options for campus time in small groups with a teacher. Students will also be able to access some in-person music and/or art instruction. Counseling will continue to be available for students via Zoom or on campus as needed. 

Learning Center: Students in our Learning Center program will continue to receive services and support as outlined in their plans. Teachers will schedule in-person check-ins with their students.

Daycare: Open daily for families who need childcare. Staff will assist students with their remote learning plans. Space will be very limited. Registration information coming soon. 

Athletics: Student-athletes have been given “summer protocol” clearance from CIF to continue with workouts while following strict safety and health protocols. This will allow our student-athletes a chance to be on campus to exercise and train with their team in small pods. 

**You will be hearing for your campus principals no later than July 31 with many more specific details about schedules and opportunities to be in community. 

It will be great to begin the 2020-21 school year and see what God is going to do in this community. We chose our theme verse for the year purposefully, for even in the midst of everything, we want to be that city on a hill that shines the light of Christ to all people. That is how we fulfill our mission to grow Christian leaders and to love and serve people. Right now, we feel the best way to serve and love for our community is to care for their health and safety and listen to the authorities that God has ordained to lead at this time. There is nothing about this situation that He does not know or has not planned. We ask that you join us in praying for discernment, the health and well-being of our community, and for a positive school culture that continues to bless each person in our OC community, no matter the learning platform. Our goal remains to resume on-campus instruction as soon as we are able, through the lifting of monitoring or via another option. We want to be together, on campus. The commitment to partnering with you and your family remains a top priority. Let’s lean into each other as God leads us through this together. 

My final reminder is that this is temporary. I would like nothing more than to give families an on-campus option as early as sometime in August or September. We continue to pursue all options and will keep you informed throughout the process. We look forward to the day that we can reunite according to our plan. We will then celebrate God’s goodness and provision together. 

Serving with joy, 

Jenn Thompson
Romans 5:3-5 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will face coverings be required?

When we are on campus we are required to comply with the California Department of Public Health and the Governor’s guidance for schools that was released on July 17, 2020.  The guidance requires students and employees to wear cloth face coverings.  We realize this may be difficult for some students and we will work with them in an empathic and supportive way.  Students who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons will be asked to submit a medical exemption from a licensed physician.

The requirements are as follows: 

  • Under 2 years of age – Not required to wear a face covering
  • 2 years to 2nd grade – Strongly encouraged to wear a face covering if it can be worn properly, face shields are acceptable
  • 3rd grade to Adult – Required (face shields are acceptable for teachers in certain circumstances)

Please refer to our COVID-19 Symptoms and Exposure Protocols for further information.

Will more frequent cleaning occur during the day?

  • Absolutely! We are arranging for additional staff members to clean and disinfect high touch areas on our campuses multiple times throughout the day.
  • We will be using products that are approved cleaning supplies and disinfectants safe for use in schools.

What if I prefer a remote learning environment for my child? 

  • We will provide remote learning solutions ensuring every K-12 student has access to the instruction that is happening in the live, face-to-face setting. 

What will drop off and pick for my child look like?

  • Campuses will provide more specific details in the weeks to come. 
  • This will be determined based on requirements for distancing. 

What about riding the bus?

  • If you registered to ride the bus, you should have received a survey to indicate your commitment to ridership. If you plan to ride the bus, be sure that the transportation department has received all required forms.
  • There are strict requirements for distancing on busses that we will be following. Siblings will be asked to sit together.
  • At this point, masks will be required for students riding the bus.

Are there any new tuition options?

  • Tuition options remain the same for full-time students. 
  • Under the Educational Options program, there are the same alternative options for our full-time student program. These can be found here on the OC website.

What will recess look like?

  • Students will likely be grouped by cohort to reduce the number of others they interact with and will have limitations on which areas they can use.
  • Recess times will be staggered to limit the number of students on the equipment.

What about athletics?

  • CIF is releasing guidance for athletics for the Fall, Winter, and Spring sports on July 20. From there, we will make OC decisions.

How can parents help?

  • Continue practicing suggested hygiene procedures at home.
  • Monitor and report your child’s health in partnership with OC.
  • Do not send your child to school if they are feeling unwell.

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