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Ontario Christian Responds to COVID-19

Superintendent Memo

July 13, 2020

Dear OC Families,

As part of our continued commitment to open communication with the OC community, we wanted to share an update regarding our plans for learning in the fall. As previously mentioned, you can expect our full reopening plan during the week of July 20. This quote, received this morning in an update from EdWeek Magazine, sums up the current situation beautifully, “The contradictory messaging from within the federal government and other leading health authorities puts school leaders in an impossible situation.” It is always Ontario Christian School’s practice to strive to meet or exceed all standards set forth for schools in California as well as take into account what is reasonable for our community. Your input along the way has been appreciated. At the writing of this letter, we plan to begin the school year in person on campus on August 18.

Today, I want to share our most current answers to some of your pressing questions. Please note that all of the answers are based on the current guidance and recommendations that we have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will face coverings be required?

  • Not for students in classroom environments where social distancing will be our primary method of protecting student health. 
  • In hallways, restrooms, and other areas where social distancing may not be possible, students in grades K-12 may be required to temporarily wear face protection while in those areas.
  • Parents have the option to require a mask for their child.
  • Face coverings (masks or clear shields) will be required for visitors, faculty, and staff on campus. 

Will more frequent cleaning occur during the day?

  • Absolutely! We are arranging for additional staff members to clean and disinfect high touch areas on our campuses multiple times throughout the day.
  • We will be using products that are approved cleaning supplies and disinfectants safe for use in schools.

What if I prefer a remote learning environment for my child? 

  • We will provide remote learning solutions ensuring every K-12 student has access to the instruction that is happening in the live, face-to-face setting. 

What will drop off and pick for my child look like?

  • Campuses will provide more specific details in the weeks to come. 
  • This will be determined based on requirements for distancing. 

What about riding the bus?

  • If you registered to ride the bus, you should have received a survey to indicate your commitment to ridership. If you plan to ride the bus, be sure that the transportation department has received all required forms.
  • There are strict requirements for distancing on busses that we will be following. Siblings will be asked to sit together.
  • At this point, masks will be required for students riding the bus.

Are there any new tuition options?

  • Tuition options remain the same for full-time students. 
  • Under the Educational Options program, there are the same alternative options for our full-time student program. These can be found here on the OC website.

What will recess look like?

  • Students will likely be grouped by cohort to reduce the number of others they interact with and will have limitations on which areas they can use.
  • Recess times will be staggered to limit the number of students on the equipment.

What about athletics?

  • CIF is releasing guidance for athletics for the Fall, Winter, and Spring sports on July 20. From there, we will make OC decisions.

How can parents help?

  • Continue practicing suggested hygiene procedures at home.
  • Monitor and report your child’s health in partnership with OC.
  • Do not send your child to school if they are feeling unwell.

Please continue to be in prayer for the leadership and staff of the school. All of your OC administrators, faculty, and staff members are meeting and working very hard on a daily basis throughout the summer as we plan for a safe and successful reopening of our school. In particular, members of the Task Force who are both OC employees and community experts, have worked hard to gather and process information. This will continue for the next months as we monitor present and future information.

Gratefully Serving,

Jennifer Thompson
Ontario Christian School

*Note:This update was originally scheduled to go out early this morning. We realize that this memo comes after a midday update from State offices. At this point, OC is reviewing and discussing the implications of today’s state news. Next week’s reopening plan will reflect consideration of guidance and recommendation up until the day it is delivered to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to seek God’s wisdom in our current situation.

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