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Brocco, Robert

Professional Biography

My working life began with 10 years in industry working with over $240 million of accounts management and supervising a 5000 statewide employee database. It was during this period that I completed a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New South Wales (Australia), majoring in biochemistry and pharmacology. In 1988, I switched careers and started in education in Australia. In 1992, I complete a post-graduate diploma in Further Education and Training from the Univesity of Southern Queensland (Australia). Two years later, I completed a Certificate in Workplace Assessment from the Technical and Further Further Education institute in Australia. I am currently completing a Master of Applied Finance degree, specializing in Financial Markets. I have been teaching at Ontario Christian High School since 2002, after feeling a call to go to the US. At present, I teach AP chemistry, general chemistry, physics, and business enterprise. I am also the Head of Department for Science and Business.

Personal Biography

I am married to Connie who is the love of my life. We have three children, two daughters, and a son. Our two daughters are married, and our son lives with us. My interests include being a home handyman, particularly woodwork and home renovations. I find it relaxing to also design landscapes and to grow fruit and vegetables. I love to travel and experience new places, especially if it involves being near the ocean! My wife and I are also actively involved in our church, particularly in the area of Kingdom teaching and training as well as doing a lot of counseling. Our passion is always to see people be set free, enjoy life, and come to a place of finding and fulfilling their destiny. I also spend time helping business people in our church develop an effective business structure and operation and for them to see how they can use their business enterprise as a vehicle of blessing and effective community impact for the Kingdom of God.

Philosophical Biography

I have a passion for Christian education. It is truly an honor to be entrusted with young folks in order to show them how God’s Kingdom design and principles are fully embedded in the subject matter that I teach. I want my students to get excited about learning, but in all this, to experience the joy of seeing God’s hand in all facets of life and learning. It is a journey of discovery. I am also very adamant that the principles of integrity, chivalry, and honor are taught and lived in my class. Hence, I expect that all my students conduct themselves with such values in order to become a living witness of God’s honor, and as President Reagan so often spoke about – to be a shining light that burns brightly!

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