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Kraut, Melanie

Professional Biography

I graduated with a degree in K-12 Music Education (Vocal Emphasis) from Calvin College in December 2010 and obtained my teaching certificate from the state of Michigan. I have studied piano for twenty years and have sung as a soloist as well as a choir member since middle school. My conducting mentors and teachers include Dr. Pearl Shangkuan and Dr. Joel Navarro, both of whom are currently directing at Calvin College. I accepted my current choral teaching position at Ontario Chrisitan High School in 2011.

Personal Biography

I grew up in DeMotte, Indiana with my parents and younger sister, all of whom I love very much. As a family we enjoy vacationing, boating and water sports, and embarking on culinary adventures together. On my own time I enjoy reading, playing the piano, listening to all kinds of music, performing improvisational comedy, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Philosophical Biography

In Psalm 24 David writes, €œThe earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.€ God is sovereign over everything, including music and musicians. Through music He speaks to us about Himself, about us as His children, and about the world we encounter around us. We see God’s hand in the scientific principles of music: the creation of sound waves by vibration, the organization of pitches in scales, the ratios and frequencies of notes to other notes. We also see God’s hand in the aesthetic principles of music: the beauty of melody and harmony working together, the sorrow often found in minor keys, the way an upbeat tempo can either lift our spirits or make us feel anxiety. There is power in music because God and His order exist within it and work through it.

I am thankful to be working at Ontario Christian High School where faculty, students, and parents recognize that music is an essential part of God’s kingdom. My goal as a choir teacher is to help students understand music as an art form and as a medium for discovery of truth.

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