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Reichert, Jane

Professional Biography

I attended Dordt College in Iowa for two years pursuing a degree in music education. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Childhood Development at Cal State Fullerton in 1996. I have taken various post-grad courses through the University of Laverne and Vanguard University. I have worked five years with special education preschoolers while living in Fulton, IL 1984-1989. After moving to California, I worked as a preschool teacher and provided daycare in my home while raising my two daughters. In 1994 OCS decided it was time to start a preschool. I was involved with the start-up process and became the director of the preschool when we opened the doors of Ontario Christian Preschool in September 1994. We moved to our newly built building in 1999. OCPS now has six classrooms with seven classes. They are a 3 Yr Old, 4 Yr. Old, two Full day PK, a 1/2 Day AM & PM classes. In 2009 we added a JR K Class.

Personal Biography

I was born and raised in NW Iowa for 20 years before marrying my wonderful husband, Bob in 1980. Bob was a Christian school teacher, so I followed him where he taught. We lived in Lustre, MT for one year after we were married. Bob’s teaching job then took us to Fulton, IL for seven years. That’s where our beautiful daughters, Robin and Kristen, were born in 1984 and 1988. Then Bob’s teaching took us to Ontario Christian in 1989 were he taught for 15 years, before changing over to a public school the last several years. Our daughters are grown up and more or less on their own. Robin followed my footsteps and is a preschool teacher. Kristen lives in Florida and is a case coordinator for a faith-based children’s home. We, as a family, feel richly blessed as God has been a constant in our lives. I love to travel!! I love seeing God’s handiwork through his Creation. I enjoy the outdoors, swimming, music, reading, and spending time with my family.

Philosophical Biography

Christian Education in the early childhood years set a foundation for the rest of a child’s life. Jesus encouraged children to come to him, be with him, and sit with him. That means God intended the youngest children are to become familiar with him. At preschool age, the children begin to learn how God is important in our lives and how we are to be Christlike in our lives. Children are sponges in their early childhood years. They want to learn about any and everything. That’s why it’s so much fun teaching this age group. We are introducing them to God’s world by using all of our senses. Children learn by feeling, touching, seeing, hearing, and doing. If we give a child a positive start to education, that will give the child the confidence and a thirst for education as the child grows older into the elementary and beyond school years.

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