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Sterk, Ingrid

Professional Biography

I received my bachelor’s degree from Point Loma College. I later attended Cal Baptist University and earned my California credential. I now have my clear credential. I have taught at Bethel Christian and Calvary Christian Schools. At these schools, I taught kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. I have been teaching 4th grade at Ontario Christian since 2004.

Personal Biography

I attended Ontario Christian from 1st grade through 12th grade. I am a member of the United Reformed Church of Chino. I am married to Jerry Sterk who works for Verizon. We have 2 kids. They both attended OC. Nichole just finished the master’s program in psychology and counseling at Cal Baptist University and is looking for an internship. Ryan is a senior at Cal Baptist University. He is studying Kinesiology and would like to be an athletic trainer. I enjoy going to the beach. I also enjoy swimming, reading, and doing crafts.

Philosophical Biography

I have always been involved in Christian education and it is very important to me. I believe we have a responsibility to teach our children the truths of the Bible and the love of Jesus and how He has saved us. I feel that this can and should be incorporated into all subjects. Christian education gives the opportunity to continually show these students the love of God and how He has control of all things. It is also an opportunity to teach and model how we need to live our lives for God.

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