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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Chris McMains



)You’re one of the longest-serving OC preschool teachers — how many years have you taught here? What are some of the highlights of working at OC?

I may be one of the longest preschool teachers at OC, but those 20 years have gone by so fast. I have many highlights, past and present that I hold dear to my heart. One that I value are the families that have come through my classroom each year. God has blessed me with the privilege to teach their most valued possession, their children. It’s important to me to bond with my parents just as much as I do with their child and to create a loving, learning atmosphere. That’s important to me.

What are some of your advice for preschool parents??

They are only little once. Being present is so important to all of us. Parents are so busy with making a living, with life, that we rush through each day without that “valuable time” being spent with one another. It’s difficult. I want to be present for my parents, to listen and pray with them for whatever concerns or needs that they may have. I love the communication that we share.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Hmmm, maybe some do not know that I’m half Japanese and that I collect “crooked trees,” for they have a special meaning within them. “In the mist of imperfection, there is still so much beauty in the world.” I believe that we are like the “crooked tree”!