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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Kim Swanson


1) What led you to become a librarian at OCHS?

I never planned on being a “career woman,” but my parents taught me the value of an education and to be prepared for any situation. I studied to be a French teacher and ended up teaching French, English as a foreign language, Modern Hebrew, elementary grades at a classical school, and elementary music. The Lord brought us to Ontario for my husband to teach at the then brand new Providence Christian College, which was originally located in Ontario. I was offered a teaching position at Valley Christian High School, teaching high school French. I loved the job, but hated the commute, since we lived in Ontario. One day I asked a friend who worked at OC if there were any positions opening that I could do. She mentioned they would soon be looking for a new librarian. It sounded like a dream job! The chance to be surrounded by literature and information and to have the opportunity to help students learn, do research, and find books to read is exactly what I love to do, and I have loved it here!

2) What are some of the best hidden secrets of OCHS library?

We try to not have any hidden secrets, but it seems students forget what we have available to them. One of these things is the link to our library catalogs on the OC website. This is under the “Parents and Students” tab and is slowly becoming known. We also subscribe to many helpful databases for the high school.

We keep a cart near the entrance with brand new AR books. It gets updated once or twice a month.

Students may make requests for books to be added to our collections. They just need to come talk to me!

Lastly, one of the hidden secrets, actually, is me. I love to help students with their assignments, including proofreading papers. One of my biggest joys comes from seeing people learn something new. Some of the English teachers tell their students that I would like to help them with their writing, but very few actually ask me to help them. In the past, I have helped students in various subjects bring up their grades from a C or lower to an A. They just need to ask me and they need to be willing to do the work. I’m here to help them. Please come ask!

3) What’s something about you that most people don’t know

This is a hard one, because my life is an open book to most people. If you’ve known me for any amount of time, there are probably no secrets, but for those I haven’t had the privilege of knowing, here are some things they probably don’t know about me:

I did not grow up in a Christian home. I am half Jewish and was raised to be an atheist. (God’s grace is amazing, isn’t it?)

I have lived in 5 countries (if you count studying in Switzerland for 3 months) and 5 states, and speak 4 languages.

Two of my three children were born in Israel. Since they both work for the military (one went to the Air Force Academy), it has caused some trouble for them concerning security clearance.

My taste in music is broad and varied, depending on my mood. Students are surprised to learn that I love Indy music and much as classical.

I love to hike! I love to dance!