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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Stacey Freeman


1) What is it like teaching 1st Grade? What do you like about it?

Imagine yourself as an average First Grade student. You begin the school year knowing your letters, their sounds, and maybe even reading a few words. You can count and add simple numbers together. Then when you exit First Grade you are reading books, completing more complex math problems, and writing not just words but expressing yourself in sentences and paragraphs. Oh yeah, and they love coming to school, learning, and their teacher! This is why I teach First Grade. This is my 8th year teaching First Grade and I absolutely love it! Seeing my students grow academically, socially, and most importantly spiritually is one of the most rewarding things of my job.

2) You are from Minnesota. What brought you to California?

After I graduated from Dordt College, I left my family and headed to California for a teaching position at Chino Hills Christian (now Heights Christian). Everyone back home kept asking me why I wanted to move to California because with one good earthquake it was going to fall into the ocean! Despite their “concerns” I traveled west and began my teaching career. Two years later I switched to Ontario Christian, was set up with my husband by a fellow OC teacher, and have never regretted my decision to leave Minnesota for California!

3) What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Many may not realize that I used to teach First Grade at OC before I started my family. I took 9 years off to raise my kids while they were really young and then God opened a door last year for me to return to teaching. I also have the privilege to work with my Minnesota 2nd Grade teacher…Mrs. Arlys Jasper. She was not married at the time. She had a bright and creative classroom, related well with her students, and made learning enjoyable. My hope is that my students will someday feel the same of me.