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What is Classical Education?

Introducing our new Classical Education Hybrid Classes

We are so excited for this new chapter in our PSP/Educational Option Program here at Ontario Christian Schools.

At Ontario Christian, we desire to equip our students to ask how all the subjects fit together and to truly meditate on how the connections between each subject expand and deepen our perspective, knowledge, and understanding.

With the necessary tools that are given to our students through the use of classical education hybrid classes, our students have the ability to investigate, synthesize, and build upon what they learn.

Classical education puts God at the core and teaches students to see all intelligence governed by Him, and because of that, interwoven.

The subjects belong to God, not man. The Subjects glorify God, not man. And the subjects are unified in their relation to God.

Ontario Christian is here to partner with you, the parents, and we look forward to coming alongside of you in this new journey.

For more information regarding the Classical Education Hybrid Classes, contact Director of Educational Options, Bev Gibbon at bgibbon@ocschools.org.