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Why Grow Christian Leaders?

by Dr. Ken Bootsma

Dr. Ken Bootsma

Dr. Ken Bootsma

We are all called to be leaders in His Kingdom – we are here now to prepare for that calling, knowing God’s Kingdom, in all its glory, is history’s final chapter.

Even though we see the ethical decline of our culture and the lack of unifying vision among the people of this nation, do not despair!

Understand that the solutions to society’s decay and the threats to national security will not come from Washington, D.C., nor from military maneuvers in the Middle East, but from individuals.

Great nations, great churches–great Christian schools–are comprised of great citizens. If we lack self-control, intellectual honesty, compassion and strong character, then Ontario Christian Schools, our churches, and our nation as a whole, will also lack these qualities.

When we learn to apply God’s law to our own lives and to our children, we will become voices in the land. OC’s faith-based education can help our children establish the groundwork for a revival, a Jesus movement. Our children, then, will affect the world in their families, vocations and the workplace. We must teach the principles of Biblical justice and righteousness! Pray that God will help us to be faithful!

“Probably only the restoration of the notion of COVENANT will provide bonds strong enough to bind a free and diverse evangelical people to God and to each other – within this Christian school community – by securing our unity, while recognizing our diversity and holding us to live a certain way, as well as believe certain truths.”

– From the writings of Os Guiness