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Why We Chose OC — a Mom’s Perspective

Just a year ago Patti Jones sensed a cloud of heaviness over her son Austin. Concerned, she asked him what was going on. A tear rolled down his face.

“It’s killing my soul,” Austin said, referring to a local public school he was attending as a junior. “Please take me out of there. I don’t care if I don’t play baseball.”

Patti was astonished. She was even more shocked by what he said next: “Please send me to OC.”

Turned out Austin’s good friend, Robert Mendez ’14, told him about Ontario Christian Schools and its baseball team.

She sat down with her husband, Ron. The two looked into the family finances. Her health did not allow her to work, so the family depended on Ron’s income, they were seriously thinking about getting låne penger financial help. They drew a long breath and made a decision: whatever it takes.

Pretty soon they enrolled Austin ‘14 and Jessica ‘17 into Ontario Christian. They were moved to see their kids thrive here and not want to miss one day of school. Not only does Austin still play baseball, he is also the captain of the varsity team. Next year he will be playing baseball for Biola University.

Jessica tells her mother why she likes OC: “I get to go there and learn more about God,” she said.

As a mother, Patti said she can’t ask for more.

“It warms my soul as a parent to know they are happy and at where God wants them — you can’t put a price tag on that,” Patti said. “I will tell any parents the life-changing impact this school has had on my children.”

In 2008 a fire burned down their house. The Joneses lost all their belongings and had to rebuild their home. They lived in a hotel for six months. It would be heart-wrenching to lose the house again, but Patti said she and her husband are determined about seeing their kids graduate from OC.

“If we have to sell the house to keep them here….” she said.

Whatever it takes.