Scrip is a great fundraiser for OC and your opportunity to receive a tuition rebate toward your child’s education.

Pre-purchased Scrip is “substitute money” and earns a tuition rebate for your family.

You receive a gift card or certificate for the full face value (you pay $25, you get $25) from over 100 local grocery stores, restaurants, specialty and warehouse stores, travel, entertainment and gas. Please download the order form for all participating vendors. Scrip is used just like cash. The vendors give OC and YOU (tuition rebate) a percentage of every scrip card you buy.

Want to buy Scrip on your smartphone? Read more here

Scrip Schedule:

Please contact Scrip Coordinator Pattie Montejano at (951) 733-6871 for the current Scrip schedule.


Give us a call: Pattie Montejano (951) 733-6871

  • eScrip: eScrip is a group of businesses that have agreed to donate a percentage of profits to a nonprofit organization of your choice. You can earn money from Priceline, Expedia, Fresh & Easy, cruise lines, and many more. See their web site for a complete list of participating merchants. Just register your credit and debit cards. Go to Click SIGN UP and enter your information. Ontario Christian’s Group ID# (Contact to access Group ID#).
  • Friends and Family: You can sign up friends and family for any/all of these programs. This is free money for our school!

Scrip Policies:

  1. There are no cash rebates.
  2. You may pay with cash and/or check – no coin or credit cards, please.
  3. All checks should be made payable to: OCPA Scrip and will be deposited the same day purchased.
  4. All payments for Scrip must be for the exact amount, as there is no change made/given at the Scrip table.
  5. Exchange policy: Scrip may be exchanged only, not returned for cash. Verification of balance will be made before Scrip will be exchanged.
  6. There will be a $20 charge for all bounced checks. Any account with 2 returned checks will then be put on a cash only basis.
  7. If your TOTAL rebate earned for the year is $10.00 or less, no rebate notification will be mailed. Rebates less than $5.00 will be applied only if purchaser contacts the business office.
  8. The “Rebate Formula” is 45% to OCPA, 45% to the Families (tuition rebate) and 10% to run the program.
  9. Preschool students can earn a tuition “pre-bate,” storing up rebate credit in an account to be used when the child enters Kindergarten.