K-6th Grade Updates

Updated February 1, 2021

Important Dates

  • February 12 - No School; Teacher In-Service
  • February 15 - No School; Presidents Day
  • March 12 - Half Day; End of Third Quarter

K-6 Return to Campus Guidelines

The San Bernardino County Health Department granted the K-6 waiver based on the plans we have submitted and our commitment to following the county’s protocols.

Our K-6 students returned to on-campus learning beginning Monday, September 14th!

Thank you for supporting our school and the decisions that are being made for our community’s safety.

Indicating Your On-Campus or Remote Learning Preference

There are two choices for instruction/learning for K-6 at this time; on-campus or remote. Please note that there is no hybrid option available for students, and you will commit to one or the other for the remainder of the quarter.

Ruvna App Health Assessment Required Before School

Before arrival at school, we ask you to partner with us by using the Ruvna Link that will be either texted or emailed to complete a Health Assessment. Learn More About Ruvna Here.

  • The email link will come from the following email address - Ontario Christian School; please check your junk mail if you do not receive it.
  • Please make sure your cell phone number and email are updated on the FACTS site.

K-6 COVID-19 Coordinators

Many of our documents refer to the COVID-19 Coordinators for each campus. These are the individuals you should contact with any COVID-19 related questions. The COVID-19 Coordinators for the Elementary Campus are Liz De Groot (ldegroot@ocschools.org) and Claudia Tran (ctran@ocschools.org) at (909) 983-1010.

Face Covering Requirements

All students are required to wear a cloth face covering or shield. Masks will not be required while eating lunch or when outdoor activities need exertion. Students will provide their own masks (extra coverings available at the office). All adults on campus will use face shields or masks.


Cohort Learning and Recess

Students will remain with their classrooms or as a class in an outdoor location at lunch and recess. The playground area will be divided up into zones for each class. Classes will rotate among these areas throughout the week. Our staff will be monitoring each zone to make sure students are following the protocols.

OC Family Reunion Plan: K-6 Classroom Setup

OC Family Reunion Plan: K-6 Campus Sanitization


Student Training for COVID-19 Protocols

We are required to train all students on our COVID-19 Protocols. Your child’s teacher will be delivering grade-level appropriate content based on our COVID-19 Protocols. Please review this Student Training Slide Deck outlining the key topics that will be covered.


Parking Lot Procedures


  • Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle as quickly as possible, sitting on the right (passenger) side of the vehicle to make exiting more efficient.
  • Only students may exit the vehicle at drop off.
  • Students may enter campus and go through any one of the three gates open after having their temperature taken. Once they are on campus, they will go directly to their classrooms. Aides will help those students who need it.
  • Gates will open at 7:45 AM and close at 8:10 AM. Students who arrive before 7:45 will need to go to daycare.


  • Each family must display their name placards as they arrive on campus. Teachers will dismiss students from classrooms as names are called when parents/guardians arrive for pick up.
  • Students with Last Names A-L:
    Please use the front entrance. We will utilize the parking row next to the flagpole as a pick up area just as we do for drop off to help alleviate some traffic as well. We will do our best to get students to your vehicle in a timely manner. Please do not leave your vehicles.
  • Students with Last names M-Z will be picked up at the west end of the back field. You will enter from Sultana, and you MUST come from the north - we need RIGHT TURNS ONLY. When you exit, you will also only be able to turn right onto Sultana. The field will be marked with cones, flags, and other things to help show the route. Please follow the route and do not cut across the field. Also, please do your best to be mindful of the neighbors and a shining light to those around us.
  • Our pick up times are from 2:50-3:15 PM. Please do not arrive before 2:40 PM.


Please watch the parking lot of procedure videos below:

OC Family Reunion Plan: K-6 Proper Drop-Off

OC Family Reunion Plan: K-6 Improper Drop-Off

OC Family Reunion Plan: K-6 Proper Pick-Up



Students are required to be in school uniform beginning on Monday, September 14th.


Lunch orders can be purchased for the week via FACTS. Please place your orders using a desktop computer as opposed to your cell phone as there appears to be an issue with lunch orders placed using mobile devices. The FACTS meal price is $5.00, which includes a water bottle. To ensure a correct meal count, please make your meal purchases by midnight the day before and not the day of lunch. Emergency lunches can be purchased for the price of $6.00. Emergency lunches include a small sandwich bun, fruit cup, cheese stick, and a water bottle. Although snacks cannot be purchased during school hours by the students, they may be purchased before or after school, as long as social distance is maintained.